Options You Have for Dividing Your Bedroom and Living Space in Studio Apartments

Space in Studio Apartments

Options You Have for Dividing Your Bedroom and Living Space in Studio Apartments

Dividing the space creatively in your studio apartments in vernon hills will allow you to make sure that sleeping area is kept separate from the remaining living space. Otherwise, you’ll feel like sleeping inside your living space. As you are not allowed to build actual walls in the apartment, you can divide the two spaces using removable solutions like screens, curtains, and bookcases.

Using tall bookcases will allow you to separate the bedroom from other areas in your studio apartments. Bookcase should be positioned with shelves that face towards the living space if storage space is needed in apartment’s main part. Shelves also offer a place to have some decorative accents. Storage bins can be added to your bedroom to stash clothing and bedding if the closet does not have enough space available. You can buy used bookcases at salvage yards or thrift stores.

Another option for you is the curtain-style separation. If allowed by the landlord, you can install curtain tracks up on ceilings for hanging curtain panels. Ceiling anchors should be used so that these tracks remain even with added fabric weight. To have a solution that is less obtrusive, you can use retractable clothesline between two walls. A clothesline can also be attached to the ceiling hooks placed at opposite ends for dividing living and sleeping areas. Light fabric panels can be cut to hang them from the clothesline. Curtain clips can be used for clipping the fabric that can then be removed whenever you may like. These panels should be given that finished look by fusing or sewing a hem. The edge should be folded over, and fusible webbing should be inserted for ironing that permanent hem – no sewing needed.

Shoji screens would also be a portable, lightweight room divider that can let light come in and still providing you with enough privacy in your bedroom. Translucent paper and hinged panels are featured on these screens on the lightweight frame. They can be folded up when it comes to storing or transporting them when space is not intended to be divided.

Another option for separating your bedroom and living area in apartments for rent is freestanding walls. This option is good for you if you like to have something that appears similar to a wall. You should stack as well as adhere the glass blocks in a wall using a particular tray system that is designed especially for this kind of projects. The height and width of the wall can be set as per your liking. You can also attach wood or salvaged doors to a homemade wood frame to have the eclectic wall and paint the framework and doors for matching the décor of your apartment.