Analyst group says downtown Wichita would be good fit for tiny apartments

Analyst group says downtown Wichita would be good fit for tiny apartments


Living downtown can be expensive.

But when the city’s downtown board recently met an idea took hold.

Building inexpensive, tiny apartments in downtown Wichita.

The tiny apartments would be around 300 to 400 square feet, just smaller than a studio apartment but more sustainable than a dorm room.

"I think it’s a great idea,” said Raymond Dodson.

Raymond Dodson is the target market for the small but centrally located units.

The idea comes from a private real estate consultant group out of New Jersey.

Their study shows, most working millennials would like to live downtown but can’t afford it, something Dodson can relate to.

"I think people see living downtown or living anywhere that’s well established is ‘Oh you need to be in the upper echelon or part of a status quo,’ or something,” Dodson elaborated. “And people see it’s not because of that because things are changing in the way people are getting paid isn’t all that fantastic. With the opportunities of living in a place like this gives people a chance to acclimate to the older community as well."

And it’s not just Dodson; other young, full-time workers like Sydney Easterberg agree.

“I think that would be a really great idea,” said Easterberg. “The housing is really expensive, and I love the downtown area but I can’t afford to live right in the heart of downtown."

Sure, you can find an apartment or loft downtown for a little less than $800 but even that for millennials is still pretty expensive. And they say this new idea of micro-apartments would make them feel more a part of the community and like they had more to give back.

The study shows affordable rent should be between $500 to $750 for the average working millennial.

The board says the tiny apartments might be the big idea to help bring in that young new workforce.

We’ll let you know if the city decides to move forward with this idea.

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