Airbnb popular choice among NCAA tournament fans

Airbnb popular choice among NCAA tournament fans


People in Wichita are seeing success with Airbnb. But apartment managers are reminding renters they can’t take part in the success.

Soon, thousands of fans will be in Wichita for the NCAA tournament. Basketball fans will need a place to stay, and it turns out Airbnb is already a popular choice. Gary Streepy listed his property and within a day tournament fans booked it.

"We opened it a year ago in November, and it’s probably been booked 50 percent of the time," Streepy said.

Streepy isn’t the only person in Wichita who’s caught on to the trend. Dozens of homes are listed on Airbnb in Wichita. In fact, more than 7,700 people stayed in Airbnb’s in Wichita last year alone.

Property managers like Jayne Johnson with Eaton Place Apartments are well aware the trend of renting your space isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, which is why she’s reminding renters though it might be tempting, you’re not allowed to put your apartment up on the rental site.

"You cannot make profit on your apartment," Johnson.

Johnson is making sure her residents know now of the rule — a rule that applies to most renters around the arena.

"We don’t allow subleasing and I would encourage people not to do that because they’re responsible for these people that are utilizing their apartment," Cedar Mills Property Manager, Kim Lewis said.

If you rent, more than likely you signed an agreement saying you won’t sublet your apartment or home.

"You could be risking your entire residency and then possibly getting thrown out. We would hate for that to happen," Johnson said.

Airbnb says it would hate for that to happen too. The company suggests all renters get permission from the actual property owner before listing their space.

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